How are we doing?

Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2012

We hope you're having as much fun as we are!

But we haven't asked lately and wanted to make sure we're all still enjoying the Two Masters Wine Club as much as possible.  And now, about a week or so before we head to the Napa Premier - the annual monster industry event in the 'Mecca of Wine' known as the Napa Valley - we wanted to check in and ask.  And, also, ask if there's anything special you'd like us to look for as we scour the offerings at the Premier.   Take a look (copy the link below and past it into a new browser window):

By now you're probably thinking, "My god, they get to drink all those wines!!!  YIPEE!!!"   Actually, we're thinking, "MY GOD, we have to drink all those wines.  Ugh!!!"   Because, believe it or not, tasting 200 different wines can become quite cumbersome.   In fact, most of the wines we taste - with the exception of a few drops that stay on the tongue - will end up in a spit bucket.   And, rest assured, not every wine is great.  In fact, I've often commented to my wife, Patti, that "we kiss of lot of frogs before we find a Prince." 

I know, I know:  You're having trouble feeling sorry for me.  I don't blame you.  Because you shouldn't.  The Napa Premier is a blast.  Every year we have tons of fun searching for the next great wine.  And our 2012 trip, I'm sure, will be as much fun as always!

So, back to my original question:  If you have a minute or two, please make a comment below and share your thoughts:  How are we doing?  We would love to hear from you!  Thanks!

Terry Liebman




By: Brett Nordyke - over 9 years ago - permalink


The service of your wine club is something you need to commended for, great job with the consistency and the wine is delicious!


By: Graham McDonald - over 9 years ago - permalink

Hi Don
I have been enjoying Two Masters Wine Club, and the wines, very much. My only suggestion would be for you to add more cellaring notes to the wine descriptions which include peak ranges [e.g. best 2013-2019]. It would save me having to research this information on the web every month.


By: don steiner - over 9 years ago - permalink

We will add more notes in the future

By: Ole Olson - over 9 years ago - permalink

As a relatively new member of Two Masters, I am in no position to evauate what so far has been attentive service and fine wine. My only wish at this point is one I doubt can be resolved. I just wish Two Masters (or FedEx) could let me know a delivery date. I live in an isolated community in the mountains and work (most days) in an office in the city, some fifteen miles away. In general my modest (Silver) delivery is on the last Tuesday of the month, so I block that day when I'm in the area. But I also travel out of the area a great deal. Even so we enjoy and appreciate the wines.

By: don steiner - over 9 years ago - permalink


Your next shipment will be delivered on Tuesday. Please let us know if there is an issue with this date. We will also send you a tracking number



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