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Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, I've been ashamed, coerced and bamboozled into also 'blogging' on the Two Masters web site. My name is Ed Dewey, and like Terry and Don I am one of the Two Masters partners. Clearly Terry has this blogging down to a fine art. I mean anyone that can post their cat, BOB, on the web site is GOOD.

Anyhow, I thought I would comment on three of the wines that are being sent out this month to you members.

I've been part of a group of gourmets, and sometimes gourmands, that have traveled to Europe for over the past 20 years to dine well accompanied by fine wines.

Therefore, I'd like to speak to you about wines and food.

The first is the 2008 Tres Sabores Por Que No? The mixed Silver and Red Silver members received a bottle of this. I found it best when a bit chilled, not as much as whites, but cooler than normal reds are served. It went fabulosly with some pepper cheddar cheese. It is a great appetizer wine.

Next is the 2006 Veraison CAB. I opened and decanted it. Took a small sample at that time. Then did the same every 15 minutes until one hour had passed. Based on this, I would venture that after 30 minutes you'll have the full taste and don't need to wait any longer. This is a medium CAB. Not overly heavy and will go well with pasta and meats.

Finally the 2006 Krupps Brothers CAB for the Red Platiunum members. I decanted and tasted every 15 minutes as above. This NEEDS the full hour to breath. A much more mellow wine after the one hour wait.........and worth the wait. Spectacular with steaks or chops. This is also a wine that you can cellar for a number of years to come and it will still get better.

Never forget what W.C. Fields once observed, "What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?"


By: Bill baldwin - over 10 years ago - permalink

I just like the use of the term "bamboozled" it is slang sanskrit in the sense that it occupied the same the slice of time that would produce an affinity for a Field's quote.........I think I may be able to carbon date the author like a discovered pterosaur

By: Ole Olson - over 10 years ago - permalink

Don't worry, Ed, about the catty comments; you're still the only person I know who recognized that the white Burgundy served us by Michel Troisgros was going bad.

By: Big D - over 10 years ago - permalink

to hear more about Bob and see his new book of X Rated photos, you must contact Terry, his owner and agent. :-)

By: TeaTotaler - over 10 years ago - permalink

Great first effort, Ed. But I'd like to hear more about Bob!

By: Dave Florczyk - over 10 years ago - permalink

Great information Ed. I will take your advice.

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