One Day in Napa (Part 2)

Posted on Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So, where was I? 

Oh, right, Tres Sabores.   This smaller, family-owned winery has a unique twist:  They grow organically.   Which is very important to the owner, Julie Johnson.  In english, 'tres sabores' means 'three flavors' which Julie feels embodies the Tres Sabores wine-making philosophy:  In their wines she feels you’ll find three distinct  tastes.  The Terroir, the Vine, and the 'Artisan' - the personal touch of the winemaker.

In addition to zin, cab, petit syrah and petit verdot, Tres Sabores also grows organic olives, lemons and pomegranets. 

The winery is a little challenging to its tucked up against the foothills at the western edge of Rutherford.   Down a rather long dirt driveway.  Normally, this wouldn't be an issue.  But remember the weather.  It was wet.  And really, really cold.   And the road was muddy.   But we made it...amazingly, so did the 'mobile bottling truck' that Tres Sabores had hired for on-site bottling and labeling.   When we arrived they were bottling like crazy!  Boxes were flying thru the air...bottles followed...into the truck...onto the pallet.  Wow!  I warmed up just watching stuff fly!

Julie was able to work in a quick tasting for your Two Masters tasters.   And we were happy they did.  Among other really fun wines, we found the "Por que no?" to be really nice.  No, it's not a huge cab like the one we enjoyed at Realm.   But it retails for $25.  A completely different wine.   About 1/2 zin, 1/3 cab and the balance Petit Syrah and Petit Verdot, Julie and her Artisans have crafted a really great wine.   Give it about 1/2 hour to open up you'll be much happier.

Deep purple in color, the wine doesn't drink like a zin.  It definitely tasts like the blend it is.  "Zesty" is how the lable describes the wine.  Definitely.  Great with food, this is a wine you can enjoy in any celebration. 

We finished the tasting, said our 'good byes' and headed back to the car.  Slipping and sliding back to the main road, we passed the Fed Ex truck off to the right stuck, deeply, seemingly-permanently in the mud.  The came in for a wine pick-up...but I'm not sure they ever made it out.

When it absolutely, positively has to be there the next day i think Fed Ex should avoid muddy roads in Napa.

Terry Liebman


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