The Cat's Meow

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boy, was I fooled!    Just when I thought my wine and Champagne were safe...I find THIS!!!   Drunk...gambling...lord knows what else!  How could he!?!?!   I feel so betrayed!

To think I accused my wife, Patti, of secretly drinking all the Schramsberg!   I'll bet Bob overheard our arguments, all the while laughing to himself!   Knowing, all along, that HE was the culprit!

I didn't think he liked wine...sure, the cheese always disappears when Bob's around.   But never the wine...or so I thought.    And gambling?   Who knew?  Sometimes Bob wanders off during the day, returning in the wee hours of the morning.  I always suspected he was doing cat-like things...hunting, eating, howling at the moon.   Rethinking now, I'll bet he was in a few late night poker games.   That might explain the missing cash!

Well, I'm heading to the hardward store to buy a better lock for the wine cellar door.    Clearly, I can no longer trust Bob around the good stuff!   Have you ever seen a cat like this?

On the bright side, maybe one of the lottery tickets was a winner.    Hmmmm......I'll have to check.   

Terry Liebman




By: Erin - over 9 years ago - permalink

I knew there was something up with that cat!

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